Friday, December 10, 2010

Viva Brasil, Viva

Order and Progress, the motto of Brazil, the fundamental basis of Brazilian society and economic success. We often hear “actions speak loader than words,” but in Brazil’s case the words and the actions are equally matched. Brazil is represents the “B” in BRIC. As the world becomes smaller and smaller America will need to bolster her overseas markets, and international relations. Bettering economic and political relations with Brazil will be far easier than attempting to connect with the other nations that comprise BRIC. Although these two nations are very different their, economic, social and political structures are reasonably similar. These two nations are most similar because America and Brazil fundamentally share the same “western” values. This can best be seen by looking at the way America and Brazil interact with the rest of the world. Both the United States and Brazil have had reasonably recent changes in their respective executives. Barack Obama and Dilma Rousseff presently are less controversial than their predecessors. These presidents share common values that they must work with the world rather than dictating to it. Besides political similarities, America and Brazil’s economic practices are more often than not considered “honorable,” unlike their fellow world power the unyielding China. This ideal was epitomized this fall during the G20 summit in Seoul, South Korea. After being lobbied by the world to allow their currency’s value to rise, after years of unfair regulation of it by the government, China refused to do so, claiming that it would have too big of a negative impact on their economy. Of course they continue this practice to allow their products to be bought at far less expensive prices than those of other “western” nations whose currencies change in value in relation to the world economy on the stock market, rather than being regulated and held down by the government. This example clearly shows the difference in fundamental values of China as compared to “western” nations, including America and Brazil. Some will say that China is being unfairly picked on by the world, all countries put their economic success above that of the world, and that’s OK. What is NOT OK is the fact that when most of the other G20 nations of the world come together and condemn the same economic practice and an arrogant nation, in this case China, rejects the world, then and only then are the worlds actions and opinions acceptable. America and Brazil are clearly different, to some their values are in the right and others fell them to be “western” bullies. Whatever one’s political beliefs may be it is clear that these two nations are similar and that is why they would be the most likely to better relations with one and other, America and Brazil, it’s gonna be a great partnership.

    -D. Scollan

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