Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wikileaks and Wikiwatertights

Between the four of us writers you the reader is going to hear a lot about Iran, Korea, Russia, and Israel. This is because of a certain Mr. Assange of Australia and his website Wikileaks, that’s what your going to hear here. The over 250,000 cables (analysis reports) have been mainly focused towards the countries above. 
More specifically I would like to revisit the hostility between Iran and Israel and how our newly publicized secrets will play into this. We now, and have for centuries recognized Israel as one of our greatest allies in the Middle East and they have been key as to our general influence in the area. Netanyahu is very aware of the grounds on which we base our relations with them and how Israel acted as almost a puppet government under the USA for some time. More and more now we see them taking independent and conflicting actions to deal with Palestine. This in turn upsets Iran who we have been trying so hard to reach a diplomatic ground with. Wikileaks has published hundreds of our intelligence tabs and notes on Netanyahu as a person and the actions he has taken leading Israel (being certain I would be arrested for visiting the site I chose not to look to deep into it). These cables display America’s true intentions for Israel and why they are so key to our relations with Iran. Dually, both countries nuclear programs are also things we have been keeping tabs on. Iran’s program has gone to the point where I could say we fear it. Added tension from these published cables could break the so fragile relations we have with not only both countries but the area in general.
Mr. Assange’s future is unpredictable at this point, but he will be charged with something eventually. His actions have been too sinister to go unchecked or unwatched. The effects of his publications are disastrous to the United States foreign relation stature now not only in the Middle East but globally. Does this pose a serious threat elsewhere? What should become of Assange and his site? Is America directly threatened? Answer in the comments!

-J. Sullivan

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